Database Migrations

Are you looking to migrate, consolidate, or re-platform your systems with near zero downtime or risk? Viscosity Technology has a proven methodology to perform migrations, upgrades, and consolidations. Leveraging extensive in-replication technology, we can re-platform your environment onto new hardware, and then use your old environment as a replica. 

We know that your database is your lifeline. We can keep your database thriving and manage key elements of your systems 24×7. Our dedicated team of Oracle RAC DBAs can maintain your infrastructure and improve your quality of service. 

Server Sizing & Capacity Planning

Proven methodologies to effectively size out the new target platform, in order to meet, or exceed, the source database platform for computer, memory, and storage performance. Viscosity Technology will work with your team to performance tune areas that need help. 

database migration architecture

Viscosity Technology provides valuable input to WAN topology and design considerations. You can achieve scalability with sub-second latency data replication. 

Database Migration Implementation

Perform near zero downtime upgrades, migrations, and maintenance. Viscosity Technology has a verifiable and proven track record in near zero downtime upgrades and migrations. 

database re-platform migration

Whether you are re-platforming AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, or Windows databases to Linux, Viscosity Technology incorporates industry best practices and an automated approach to migrating your databases with our proven methodology.