Back in 2017, Viscosity Technology created and posted daily articles that we like to call the Oracle Database 12 Days of 12.2. Through the new functionality shared in the document, DBAs can provide better protection for mission critical production databases from human errors, data corruptions, failures, and disasters. With the new features in Oracle 12.2, DBAs can deliver a robust reporting environment while addressing corporate disaster recovery goals. We outlined the new features and improvements to not only show what the Oracle Database has to offer, but to assist your corporation as they take the step into 12.2.

Day 1: RAC and Grid Infrastructure New Features

Day 2: Data Guard New Features

Day 3: Partitioning

Day 4: ASM New Features

Day 5: SQL Performance Tuning New Features

Day 6: ACFS New Features

Day 7: Security New Features

Day 8: Index New Features

Day 9: In-Memory (IM) New Features

Day 10: RMAN New Features

Day 11: Utilities, PL/SQL, and Much More

Day 12: PDB New Features

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