At the end of 2020, our team of experts at Viscosity Technology wrote 12 Days of Oracle 18c/19c, in order to share their knowledge on useful and time-saving features on the Oracle Databases.

  • Day 1: New Performance Features – Comparing the speed and architecture of CPU’s, spinning disks, and network from 10+ years ago to today; you can see the need for software updates and to keep current.
  • Day 2: Scalable Sequences – Oracle introduced and documented scalable sequences in Oracle Database 18c, to eliminate the hot index contention issue in RAC during large scale data insertions.
  • Day 3: Hacking Oracle 19c RPM Installations – Oracle introduced RPM-based installation of Oracle Database software with version 18c.
  • Day 4: Autonomous Database – Now with the machine learning capability, the Oracle Autonomous Database came out as one of the most important advancements in the database history starting with the Oracle 18c release.
  • Day 5: SQL Quarantine – As the name would imply, this new feature of Oracle Database 19c adds a new tool for monitoring and managing runaway queries.
  • Day 6: Security – Oracle 18c/19c does provide some features that work towards inherently increasing database security by reducing the attack surface.
  • Day 7: SQL Plan Management – Utilizing SQL Plan Management allows for management of execution plans, ensuring that the database uses only known or verified plans.
  • Day 8: ASM Database Clones and Flex Disk Group – ASM with Flex Disk Groups in Oracle Grid Infrastructure, 18c and 19c provides the ability for creating near instantaneous copies of databases.
  • Day 9: Engineered Systems New Features – With the 19c versions of the Exadata software, the main features introduced revolve around the new X8-M model and the updated hardware associated with this release.
  • Day 10: AutoUpgrade Utility – AutoUpgrade is a new tool that boasts an impressive set of checks and capabilities behind its unassuming interface.
  • Day 11: Snapshot Carousel – The Snapshot Carousel, introduced in Oracle Database 18c, provides customers a library of PDBs taken over a period of time.
  • Day 12: Data Guard – With Data Guard, customers can achieve near real-time replication of the database, from the primary to the standby.

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